For Broadcasters

GHSPi/P2K has an extensive library of HD and SD footage from all the P2K projects listed on this website. These include both landscapes and people-focused research expeditions in the Arctic (Alaska, Greenland, Nunavut) and Antarctica (penguins, seals, the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Lake Fryxell), the Brazilian rainforest, glaciers in New Zealand, the Australian outback (Pilbara, Western Australia), Saharan and Arizona dunes, stunning slow-motion and real time ocean footage, wind turbines in Denmark and Texas, solar farms, and much more. Please send inquiries to .

For the General Public

For DVDs and Blu-rays of “Earth: The Operators’ Manual” please click through to the ETOM website.

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Kilimanjaro 2012 (DVD) • $19.95

4 exuberant podcasts following the 2012 GLOBE Learning Expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. The videos feature the students, educators and scientists who made the trek, and the Guides and porters who make it possible. One podcast shows how “the snows of Kilimanjaro” have changed in recent decades, due to reduced precipitation and climate change.

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“The Norwegian-US Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica” (DVD) • $19.95

Compilation (~60 minutes) of 6 podcasts following the Traverse from its start in Cape Town, South Africa, and Norway’s Troll Station on the Antarctic Coast to a triumphant arrival at South Pole, detailing their scientific goals and findings.

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“The Pine Island Glacier Research Season” (DVD) • $15.95

Compilation of four podcasts (~40 minutes(, detailing the rigors and pleasures of attempting to study one of Antarctica’s most dynamic ice sheets.

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The “POLAR-PALOOZA” Collection (DVD) • $29.95

A 90 minute compilation of the best of GHPI’s IPY work, including videos on George Divoky and the guillemots and polar bears of Cooper Island; Alaskan Native Richard Glenn in Barrow, Alaska; Mary Albert’s and Jeff Severinghaus’s ice core research at NSF’s Summit Camp, Greenland; “Seals and the Researchers Who Study Them” (Antarctica); “Life in the Cold & Dark” (the first-ever extended season research in the McMurdo Dry Valleys); “ANSMET: The Antarctic Search for Meteorites”, and more.

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“Bouncing to Mars” (TO MARS WITH MER program 1) DVD • $29.95

Landing the twin Mars Exploration Rovers safely on the Red Planet took years of effort, and hundreds of carefully-orchestrated tests, many of which went catastrophically wrong. See what happened to the airbags and parachutes essential to mission success, and how the engineers and scientists faced up to the problems, and solved them. Leads up to launch. DVD special feature: “People Profiles” on some key members of the MER team.

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“What Went Right” (TO MARS WITH MER program 2) (DVD) • $29.95

The full behind-the-scenes story of the development, launch, landing and eventual triumph of the Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, from 2001 to 2006. Still more importantly, this program reveals the struggles and heroic efforts of the men and women who brought the robotic explorers to life. Starring Steve Squyres (Cornell) and the diverse teams of engineers and scientists from NASA JPL. DVD special feature: “People Profiles” on key members of the MER team.

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“Following The Water” (TO MARS WITH MER program 3) (DVD) • $29.95

Success for the rovers would have been the 3 month mission they were designed for, but both Spirit and Opportunity lived on many times longer. Follow along on their journeys of scientific discovery and hear from researchers about the breakthroughs made by the hardy robots and their human handlers. DVD special feature: “People Profiles” on key members of the MER team.

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“Looking for Life” (DVD) • $19.95

Four stories from intentionally varied locations around Earth, looking for life in sometimes unexpected places, and preparing to search for life elsewhere in the solar system. * In the Pilbara, Western Australia, with Abby Allwood, studying evidence of possible biology from 3.5 billion years ago. * In Spain, with NASA researchers using the rust-red Rio Tinto as an analog for exploring Mars. * High in the Andes with NASA Ames researcher, Nathalie Cabrol, as she dives in a mountain lake, and deep in the Lupin Mine, in Canada, where scientists look for life surviving without completely without light, thriving on chemicals.

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“From the Sun to the Stars” • $19.95

An IHY (International Heliophysical Year) special, appearing on NASA-TV. From Barrow, Alaska, in the deep, cold dark of mid-winter, to the heat of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at a workshop for local science teachers, the story of researchers studying changes in the Sun and how the solar wind permeates our entire solar system, out to the heliopause where inter-stellar space begins. Featured researchers include Syun Akasofu, the first to understand the causes and consequences of the aurora, and NASA astronauts who have actually flown through auroras.

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